Questioning Your Addictions for Infinite Possibilities and Probabilities

What would happen if you suddenly became aware of the infinite possibilities in your life? Could you become more joyful and begin living your life with ease? Would you be willing to acknowledge and receive more abundance in every area of your life? These are the questions that can assist you in opening up to a greater and more expansive self… or not!
Could the answers to the above questions be in the questions themselves? When we ask ourselves questions, we become open to the answers or solutions to life’s situations. We always have choices. With every experience we create on this journey called life, we also bring into existence its solution or resolution. However, when we automatically assume an answer, we slam the door to other infinite possibilities available for that particular experience.
Would you, could you now ask yourself some of the following questions?

  1. What question can I ask that will let me easily and quickly let go of my addictions?
  2. What is the value of holding onto my pain and addiction?
  3. What would it take to release my limitations around my addictions?
  4. How have I been stopping joy and happiness in my life?
  5. What fun and excitement am I refusing to have that if I did choose, would activate the life I have always wanted?
  6. How can I accept and integrate my full power and let go of the belief in powerlessness?
  7. How can I undo what I have done to squelch my little, carefree child within?
  8. What is stopping me from allowing myself to receive new, compelling awarenesses?
  9. What emotional issues have I hidden under my addictions and need to sedate my true self?
  10. How can I release the judgment that my addictions were fun and rewarding?
  11. How can I release the judgment that my addictions have made me a bad person?
  12. What did I see, hear and feel about myself that I supposed was so wrong about me that I needed to stop its pain by my using, drinking, over eating, gambling, overspending, and over sexing?
  13. When will I know that I created my addictions to avoid choosing to be a potent creator of my own life?
    Your answers may or may not appear immediately… keep questioning. Eventually, someone will provide you with an unexpected answer, a new book will mysteriously drop into your life, a movie or television program will trigger a magical moment response within you, or simple alchemy will place you where you need to be to embrace those solutions. Enjoy the journey of self-discovery and know that you are a most divine, marvelous and glorious being, even if you may not be aware of it at present. How can it get any more appetizing than that?