What is the Toughest Cooler?

The search for the most durable cooler is not getting any easier, especially if you are looking for a rotomolded coolers for the money. Why is that? Features that make it tough aren’t cheap and add up to the final price. But it’s worth the money. We present you with features that guarantee your cooler survives all your adventures.

Rotomolded plastic

Rotomolding means having a hot hollow mold filled with molten plastic and rotating it.  This results in even distribution of plastic along the mold. Many believe this to be a superior method of manufacturing due to a number of reasons. For one, rotomolded coolers have evenly wide walls and durable edges that have minimal stress points. A perk a one-piece body provides is its increased durability. You won’t have to repurchase this kind of cooler. Moreover, this technology is better for ice conservation.

Metal elements

One of the prevailing problems of lower priced coolers is the links and handles.  These can be made of cheaper material, which does not translate well on durability. The cooler body does not go through as much wear and damage because hinges and handles are the parts we constantly move and pull. So these parts should be paid special attention to and made with reliable material. Manufacturers generally use stainless steel so they can last in different environments. As a bonus, metal details look nicer than plastic ones.

Good sealing components

What you should be on the lookout for is top-level material for sealing details that ensures resistance. However good the cooler body or handles are produced, it won’t matter when it’s leaking or can’t hold cold air inside. The type of rubber used for sealing should survive minor damage or scrapes without it affecting the cooler performance. This is a common practice among high-end manufacturers so you shouldn’t have much trouble here. In other cases, lower priced coolers don’t have the same feature – insignificant cuts could reduce ice life to a great extent.

Thought-out design

Brands have been working on problem-solving trying to amplify characteristics with better design decisions. Some of the details remain unnoticeable to users but they are put in place for a reason. You can educate yourself on the topic and start seeing all the cool features you paid good money for. Ethical cooler brands go through various experiments and technology trials to develop their products. To name a few: elevated legs to protect the base from scratching, heating or damaging in some other way; ribbed inside design to increase permitted weight; optimal handle placement.

Some models we can recommend for those interested in tough, durable coolers:

  • Yeti Tundra Series
  • Orca Extra Heavy Duty Cooler
  • Igloo Yukon Cold Locker
  • Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series
  • K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

While these examples don’t come close to including absolutely everything, they help you form a well-rounded understanding of the topic. Now you know what makes a cooler dependable and what makes it the worth the splurge.