The Insecurity of Human Rights
Speaker: Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada
Introduced by Annie Bunting (York University)
Plenary – Law and Society Association and Canadian Law and Society Association Joint Meetings, May 29, 2008

Abstract: Alex Neve has been Secretary General of Amnesty International since January, 2000. He was just recently awarded the Order of Canada (in December 2007). Neve has been a member of Amnesty for over fifteen years and has worked for the organization nationally and internationally in a number of different roles, including, research missions to Tanzania, Guinea, Mexico, Burundi, and Ghana. Amnesty in Canada has been actively involved in the case of Maher Arar as well as Omar Khadr, violence against Aboriginal women, trade and human rights amongst other issues. He will draw on these examples in his presentation for the conference.

Assessing the State of the Field – Cause Lawyering
Austin Sarat, Chair
Participants: Richard L. Abel (UCLA), Laura Beth Nielsen (American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University),Howard Erlanger (University of Wisconsin)
Roundtable – Law and Society Association and Canadian Law and Society Association Joint Meetings, May 30, 2008

Abstract: This panel will take stock of the research on cause lawyering and to think about future directions. What progress has been made in thinking about cause lawyers? Do we have an analytically sound definition? Has the study of cause lawyers advanced our understanding of the complex boundaries between law and politics? What are the most significant unanswered questions and most promising directions for future research?


Two podcasts via the The Center in Law, Society and Culture at UC Irvine.  

Constitutional Rights of Non-citizens: Claims, Developments and Prospects (held in April 2009)
Speakers: Kitty Calavita (UCI), Jennifer Chacon (UC Davis), Erwin Chemerinsky (UCI), Susan Coutin (UCI), Judy London   (Public Counsel and UCLA), Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA)

Indigenous Studies Event: Native Claims on the International Scene (held in February 2009)
Speakers: Elsa Stamatopoulou, Chief of the Secretariat, UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and Bruce Robbins, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.

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Other New Media Resources:

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Note: Many university websites now include a podcast section on which links to lectures and events from different departments are available. To find these, simply type ‘podcasts’ into the search engine within the University website.

Some suggested iTunes free downloads (both video and audio podcasts)

    • Law and Justice in Japan (Author: Prof. Alan Macfarlane, University of Cambridge, February 2008)
    • Moral Panics and Terrorism (also entitled ‘Moral Panics and the Law’) (Author: Prof. Alan Macfarlane, University of Cambridge, February 2008)
    • History of Legal Anthropology (Parts I and II) (Author: Professor Alan Macfarlane, University of Cambridge, February 2008)
    • Headscarves and Human Rights (Author: Multiple scholars, including Cynthia Baker and Mary Hegland, Public Roundtable co-sponsored by Santa Clara University and the Ethics Center)
    • A portal to various University of California, Berkeley podcasts available through iTunes

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