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Spillover exceeds the printed page. It contains original material that is connected to the topics discussed in issues of PoLAR, showcasing the exchange of knowledge and ideas. In these on-line sections, we connect established scholars with the new generation of political and legal anthropologists. Younger scholars can enter into direct conversations with leaders in their fields. See ongoing conversations… at

Like spillover content, virtual issues continue conversations sparked by articles published in PoLAR. The first virtual issue was a companion to the symposium on NGOs featured in Issue 33(2). With the launching of the PoLAR def program in 2012, fellows took the opportunity to reboot the issue. Including more opportunities for discussion and open-access content, such as postscripts by PoLAR authors, NGOs 2.0 serves as the prototype for future virtual issues. The second virtual issue, Reflections from Occupied Worlds, marks the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Occupy Movement by taking a transnational look at other spaces of occupation and resistance to glean insight into these movements, anthropology, and activism.

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