Digital Fellows

In 2012, PoLAR launched its Digital Editorial Fellows Program for graduate students interested in enhancing their knowledge and experience in the areas of academic publishing and digital studies. The program is part of an effort to expand PoLAR‘s virtual presence and to foster dialogue among members while continuing APLA’s tradition of graduate student mentorship in the field. Working with Online Content Editor, Kate Henne, Fellows develop themes for virtual issues, initiate new spillover conversations, and collaboratively create new initiatives. At the end of the program, they will also have the opportunity to meet with PoLAR editors and reflect on the program in relation to their future academic goals.


Program Overview

The official program begins in March of each calendar year, ending with the close of the AAA annual meetings held in November. The program itself follows three modules, the first being an introductory and brainstorming component, the second being a development and implementation phase, and the last being a critical reflection (and commendation!). Fellows, however, are welcome to stay on beyond the first year.

Each module will focus on goals established by the group in consultation with PoLAR editors. A general outline of how the program shall proceed is below:

Introduction and Brainstorming

  • Distribute general readings on digital humanities scholarship as well as targeted articles related to archiving, publishing, and digital anthropology/ethnography
  • Virtually meet other fellows and the Content Editor and discuss general ideas for Virtual Issues, Spillover, and other possible initiatives

Development and Implementation

  • Develop themes and materials for Virtual issues, Spillover, and any new initiatives
  • Delegate Fellows to specific tasks related to development and deployment
  • Solicit participation from scholars, activists, community members, and other organizations

Critical Reflections

  • De-brief and review program achievements and challenges
  • Reflect on how it may inform our other work–academic or otherwise
  • Share and celebrate at AAA annual meetings!


The next deadline is March 5, 2014. The formal call (including application requirements) is available here. The next cohort receives notification of selection as well as adjoining introductory materials in mid-March.

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